Frida Ramstedt

The Furnishing Handbook

The Furnishing Handbook


How do you choose dining chairs that are still comfortable at the end of a long meal? A sofa you can sink into without sagging? A bed that doesn't leave your neck and back aching?

Award-winning blogger and bestselling author of The Interior Design Handbook Frida Ramstedt is back with practical tips and insider secrets from the world of furniture design. In The Furnishing Handbook, she shares insights and advice on what to look out for to ensure the furniture we buy doesn’t just look good but is also well-made, long-lasting and, most importantly, comfortable to use every day.

Looking beyond the latest furniture trends and styles, Frida equips readers with everything they need to understand what works best when choosing furniture and why. With chapters on chairs, tables, sofas and more, The Furnishing Handbook is an indispensable guide for anyone investing in new pieces for their home.

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