Rafia Zakaria

Against White Feminism

Against White Feminism


Most of us believe that feminism is a force for good. In the past 200 years, it has paved the way for women to advance economically, increasing their safety and their power in society, and advocating for their needs and experiences. But not for all women.

If you are poor, if you are an immigrant to the West or (even worse!) don't live here at all, and above all if your skin is not white, the door to mainstream feminism has been shut to you from day one. This is not oversight or an accident. It is an active and sustained strategy to advance white women at the expense of everyone else. And what makes this con especially dangerous - and especially effective - is how most of us have no idea we are participating in it.

In Against White Feminism, lawyer, academic and human rights activist Rafia Zakaria traces the connections between feminism and white supremacy from the first suffrage movements right up to the world we inherit today, demonstrating how a coalition supposedly based on equality is in fact riddled with inequality and exploitation. And she issues a powerful call to every reader to build a new kind of feminism, lighting the path to emancipation for all.