Tom Cheesewright

Future-Proof Your Business

Future-Proof Your Business


Future Proof Your Business: Penguin Expert Series will arm you with the practical skills you need to adapt your organisation so that is fine-tuned for our age of high-frequency change. You will learn to collect and analyse data to recognize the early indications of change in your industry and how to convert that foresight into rapid action.

- How can you build agility into your organisation and ensure it's ready it for change?
- What are the tools needed for predicting future trends in your industry?
- How can you act with speed ahead of your competitors?

Tom Cheesewright, a world-leading Applied Futurist, will answer all these questions, drawing from his own experience, as well as insights from industry authorities and case studies from thriving organisations around the world, to give you all the practical tools you need for successful change management in your organisation.