Richie Norton

Lift Your Vibe

Lift Your Vibe

Eat, breathe and flow to sleep better, find peace and live your best life


We are all busier and more stressed than ever but Richie is here to help you move more, eat better and feel happy every single day. Combining beginner yoga stretches with easy breathing techniques, delicious plant-based recipes and simple rituals, this book provides all sorts of ways to transform your mood and nourish your body, no matter your schedule.

Whether it's a one-minute triangle breath exercise, a five-minute wake-up flow, or a 15-minute recipe, this guide means that lack of time is no longer an excuse and makes it possible for anyone to create new, healthy habits.

His simple, daily practices, from journaling to spending time with friends or in nature, are guaranteed to help you feel fitter, reduce stress, increase energy and improve sleep. With this book, you can take time for yourself and lift your vibe every single day.