Jessica Cunsolo

Still with Me

Still with Me


Together until the very end....

Jessica Cunsolo's epic romance that began in She's With Me comes to a heart-stopping conclusion.

Love has never been easy for Amelia Collins and Aiden Parker. They've faced every single imaginable challenge: a car crash, stalker attacks, evil fathers, wicked enemies and finally giving in to their feelings.

So, it's no surprise that just as Aiden and Amelia begin to plan their future, a new challenge emerges that could threaten everything. As Amelia once again attempts to protect those she loves, she inadvertently leaves a trail of clues behind, and her stalker is hot on her heals.

Faced with an impossible choice between love and survival, Amelia and Aiden's devotion to each other is tested like never before. But it may be no match for a cold-blooded killer.

The thrilling finale in the With Me series is sure to take your breath away . . .

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