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Andrew Parr

The Real You

The Real You

How to Escape Your Limitations and Become the Person You Were Born to Be


'A gracefully written book about the inner strength we all have within us' Wim Hof

Do you feel held back by your own thoughts? Have you gone through years of therapy but never quite resolved your problems? Whether you struggle with mental health or want to achieve more in life, this revolutionary book is your key to finally making positive changes.

It's common to feel a loss of control and even feel out of touch with our own identity when we go through periods of stress or trauma. Our brains are conditioned to form beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, so when we experience adversity thoughts such as 'I'm not good enough', 'I don't deserve to be happy' and 'I don't belong here' can develop and start to hold us back in life. Left unchecked, these thoughts can leave us feeling stuck, incapable and unfulfilled but this life-changing book shows how we can de-hypnotize ourselves of those beliefs and re-discover the capable and confident person within us.

Having practised as a therapist for almost thirty years, Andrew Parr has helped thousands of people to break free of their self-sabotaging thoughts and achieve things they never thought possible: from pay rises to weight loss, and from quitting smoking to overcoming insomnia. In The Real You he shares his transformative approach, combining the most effective aspects of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, coaching and CBT, that will help you to identify and resolve problematic mental patterns more easily than with traditional talking therapy.

No matter what you want to achieve, the simple, practical exercises in this book will put you back control of your thoughts, transform your self-confidence and make success possible.

'A truly unique and transformational book' Paul Hewitt, Sports Performance Specialist