Cassie Holmes

Happier Hour

Happier Hour

How to Spend Your Time for a Better, More Meaningful Life


Money is often thought of as the secret to a good life and the ultimate metric of success, yet research suggests a whole other story: time is the true yardstick of our lives. Organising our time can lead to huge benefits and a happier life, even amidst the many pressures of the modern world.

Drawing on her hugely popular MBA course at UCLA, as well as psychology, behavioural science and management thinking, Professor of Decision Making Cassie Holmes is here to help you make the most of your hours, weeks, months and years. Learn the difference between meaningful and wasteful uses of time; piece your hours together to make happier weeks; make even dull tasks like chores or commuting pass more easily. Whether you're looking to engage more with your family, avoid burnout, increase your productivity or simply feel less time-starved, this is your personal, practical guide for how best to invest your time.