Dr Vicky Dondos

The Glowing Skin Plan

The Glowing Skin Plan

Proven ways to optimise your skin health and radiance, whatever your age


Over the last 14 years Dr Vicky Dondos has treated thousands of women who are unhappy with their own reflection. In The Positive Ageing Plan she demystifies the skincare jargon, explains the facts of the ageing process and reveals a peek behind the cosmetic medicine curtain so that we can better understand and feel empowered to take control of our own appearance. She reveals the four pillars: mindful practices, lifestyle medicine, skincare options and cosmetic procedures, and shows how they can help you to achieve a beautiful and natural glow - no matter your age or budget.

She explains everything from why wearing SPF every day is crucial for healthy skin to what skincare actually works (often not the expensive stuff!) and from the foods that support your skin, to which cosmetic treatments might suit you. This book gives you the building blocks to create your own personalised skin-care plan, for a long-lasting healthy glow.

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