Arie Kruglanski



How to Turn Your Biggest Fear into Your Greatest Power


How much do we rely upon certainty? And, how does the way we deal with uncertainty impact our future and our lives?

Uncertainty is one of the defining issues of our time. Certainty has a habit of slipping away, further into our futures and we now have to deal with the uncertainties of our present, every day. The stability we once had is disappearing, and fast. Vast changes in society are shifting our realities: An earth-shaking global pandemic, changing attitudes and approaches to employment, with an increase in freelance and temporary work undermines people's ability to plan for the future. And, there is an ever decreasing sense of trust in what was once hallowed: the government, the media, education, religion, medicine. Instead, we use the internet which provides us with a wave of conflicting advice.

When we can no longer make sense of the world together, insecurity takes over. We develop anxiety and confusion about our purpose, and in searching for certainty find it in autocratic leaders and populism. Democracy begins to fade as our uncertainty grows.

If we are aware of our need for certainty, and understand why we behave instinctively in the way that we do, we can better understand how to deal with stress and pressure. We can start to make decisions that aren't informed by anxiety. We can shed light not only on historical trends but understand how we change those trends forever, for a better future.