Stefanie Stahl

The Child In You

The Child In You

The Breakthrough Method for Bringing Out Your Authentic Self


The breakthrough million-copy international bestseller about how to find happiness by befriending your inner child

Ideally, during childhood, we develop the self-confidence and sense of trust that will help us through life as adults. But as all childhoods are imperfect, we all carry shadows within us that shape our approach to life as adults, and can lead to problems with relationships, perfectionism, self-doubt and anxiety.

In The Child In You, bestselling author and psychologist Stefanie Stahl shares her proven approach for solving this -- by befriending our inner child. Powerful, imaginative and practical -- with clever exercises, from "the three positions of perception" to over-writing old memories -- she shows how in today's anxious world we can renounce our 'shadow child', embrace our 'sun child', and find the answer to all the psychological problems that come from our upbringing.