Emmy Brunner

Find Your True Voice

Find Your True Voice

Stop Listening to Your Inner Critic, Heal Your Trauma and Live a Life Full of Joy


We're all carrying around past trauma, even if we're not aware of it. Trained psychotherapist, Emmy Brunner, has the ultimate 11-step programme to help you identify and overcome your unresolved trauma to become the happiest version of yourself. She will help you to:

· Identify your own personal trauma and tackle your inner critical voice
· Confront and overcome fear, worry and anxiety and negative body image
· Discover self-acceptance and healthy coping strategies
· Manifest your future and discover your spiritual self

Using a combination of case studies, practical clinical advice from The Recover Clinic, and 11 simple recovery tools including meditation, vision boards, self-care tips, body-healing and future-self journaling, this book is guaranteed to help you take your first steps towards recovery. Whether you're struggling with depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, or low self-esteem, Emmy Brunner is here to guide you through the process of recovery.