Annie Garthwaite

The King’s Mother

The King’s Mother

Four mothers fight for their sons as the Wars of the Roses rage


1461. Through violent war and great sacrifice, Edward IV has won England's coveted throne. Cecily, having piloted her family's rise to power, stands beside him as the nation's first King's Mother.

But competition is ferocious and Cecily has met her match: three other women, driven by ambition, necessity and fear, who will stop at nothing to put their own sons on the throne.

Their conflict is desperate, the cost of failure high, and Cecily must sacrifice everything she has to secure her dynasty. For there can only be one King, and there can only be one King's Mother.

Spanning England's bloodiest civil war through the 15th century and into the Tudor era, this is a story about mothers and sons; about maternal ferocity and female ambition - all it can achieve and all it can destroy.

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