Colin Dunsmuir

How to Find Stillness Within

How to Find Stillness Within

The Yoga Therapy Plan to Help You Find Inner Peace in a Chaotic World


Keen to boost your mental and physical wellbeing, general health, or gain a supportive framework to help you to overcome difficult situations that you're facing in life?

How to Find Stillness Within is a therapeutic programme to help readers accept their flaws and discover a more fulfilling way of living, featuring a foreword by Cara Delevingne. Colin dispels the myth that yoga is just about movements, poses and wearing expensive leggings. Instead he explores how ancient yoga philosophy and teachings can easily be applied to and benefit all areas of our modern lives.

The book will take deep, spiritual yogic learnings and adapt them for a modern life and audience. Colin will provide you with accessible, easy-to-follow tips on breathing, meditation, movement, diet and connection with others.

Each chapter will be inspired by a yoga sutra, contain a case study, a brief exploration of the yogic philosophy behind the story, and provide practical exercises for you to try at home.