Felicity Hassan

How To Get Your Act Together

How To Get Your Act Together

A Judgement-Free Guide to Diversity and Inclusion for Straight White Men


Of the very few Fortune 500 companies that share diversity data, 72% of their senior executives are white men. And it's been proven that companies with more diverse management teams have nearly 20% higher revenues. Surely YOU don't want to be left behind?

Moral imperatives aside, the business case for diversity and inclusion is clear - they are clear drivers of innovation, profit and employer brand. But how can male white leadership implement this change? There's no denying it's difficult -- perhaps you feel afraid to make mistakes, and confused about the evolving language of diversity and inclusion.

In this revolutionary guide, leading diversity specialists Felicity Hassan and Suki Sandhu OBE teach you how to create an inclusive environment for your employees and have educated conversations about diversity, illuminating tricky territory with humour and heart. This judgement-free guide will educate, empower and embolden you to create a workplace where anyone can be themselves, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, class or disability - and eventually, to change the face of business for the better.