Chris Roberson

Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite

Origins - Three Original Stories Set in the World of the Hit Video Game


Sniper Elite: Origins is three original stories set in the world of the hit video game that explore the beginnings of Karl Fairburne, the Sniper Elite. In Water Line Karl Fairburn is a new recruit fighting on the front line. Battle weary, low on morale and holding a bridge in a rear-guard action to delay the German onslaught. This is where he comes to understand his place in the war. The beginning of his training for life behind the lines starts in Home Ground. Karl is recruited into the SOE to learn sabotage, espionage and assassination. His training is interrupted by a nighttime enemy attack. Follow his first mission far behind enemy lines in By the Sword where countless lives depended on the success of his mission, and there would be untold destruction if he failed. Sniper Elite: Origins fills in the background of the Sniper with three exciting stories that should be a must-read for any Sniper fan.

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