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Go Wild

Go Wild

A BBC nature collection


22 BBC radio programmes celebrating the great outdoors, introduced by Harriet Noble

Spending time in nature is good for both our bodies and minds - but with our hectic lives (not to mention the unreliable British weather), it can be hard to get outside as much as we'd like. But fear not: we've selected some of BBC Radio 4's best nature documentaries to transport you to the great outdoors - and encourage you to take your own trip into the wild.

Discover the tranquility of canoeing down the River Waveney; go rambling in the countryside with Clare Balding; explore al fresco cooking with the Food Programme team and learn the history of Cornwall's colourful flower fields. Or why not go surfing in Scotland, off-grid in Wales or on a journey of a lifetime with Paralympian cyclist Karen Darke?

These captivating programmes will let you experience the sights and sounds of nature - from an oak woodland to a rainforest canopy and a rock pool - and introduce you to some remarkable naturalists, such as filmmaker Roger Deakin, author Robert Macfarlane, pioneering ornithologist Emma Turner, writer and poet Nan Shepherd, and perfumer and mountain photographer Walter Poucher.

Whether you're an intrepid explorer, a weekend micro-adventurer or simply a nature lover, you're sure to be inspired - so step away from your screen, get out into the open air and enjoy the beauty of the natural world.


Cigarette on the Waveney - presented by Roger Deakin

Ramblings: In Search of the Old Ways with Robert Macfarlane - presented by Clare Balding

Open Country: Nan Shepherd's Cairngorms - presented by Helen Mark

The Food Programme: Outdoor Cooking - presented by Sheila Dillon and Simon Parkes

One to One: Isabel Hardman on nature and depression

Ramblings: George Monbiot in search of the wild - presented by Clare Balding

The Life Scientific: Sky at Night with Maggie Aderin-Pocock- presented by Jim Al-Khalili

Open Country: Off Grid in Mid-Wales - presented by Ian Marchant

A Guide to Coastal Wildlife: Rock Pools - presented by Brett Westwood and Phil Gates
Sound recordist: Chris Watson

Soundstage: The Oak Woodland
Sound recordist: Chris Watson

Costing the Earth: Cycle City - presented by Tom Heap

Open Country: Surfing on Scotland's North Coast - presented by Helen Mark

Journey of a Lifetime - Karen Darke: From Source to Sea via Me

Nature: The Rainforest Canopy
Recorded by wildlife cameraman John Aitchison

Nature: Emma Turner - A Life in the Reeds
Sound recordist: Chris Watson

The Flower Fields - presented by Michael Bird

The Perfumed Mountaineer - presented by Hayden Lorimer

Living World: Winter Seashore - presented by Trai Anfield

Open Country: The Boat Builders of Pin Mill - presented by Helen Mark

Ramblings: Bonding Walks: Stiperstones, Shropshire - presented by Clare Balding

Open Country: Somerset Wassail - presented by Helen Mark

Winter Starlings
Sound recordist: Chris Watson

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