Frederick Forsyth

Frederick Forsyth

The Deceiver

The Deceiver


SIS is under attack and time is running out…

Sam McCready is The Deceiver, one of the Secret Intelligence Service’s most unorthodox and most valued operatives, a legend in his own time.

But someone wants to push him out, and they’re willing to expose every secret from his past. Sam has one chance to escape the trap: it’s risky, confrontational, and it might cost him his life.

As he sets his plan in motion, he begins to realise that his opponent is trying to destabilize SIS. Who wants to get rid of him, and why? And what happens if he refuses to go quietly?

What readers are saying:

***** 'Forsyth never lets you down. Always well researched, always gripping.'
***** 'Forsyth is the best storyteller . . . you feel that he is letting you in on secrets and that you are really there where the action is.'
***** 'Superb story and so topical. Once again Fredrick Forsyth demonstrates his mastery of suspense and mystery.'

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