John Holmes

The Farmer's Dog

The Farmer's Dog


'It can be said at once that this book should be on the shelf of every farmer and shepherd who owns a dog or who is contemplating the purchase of one. Mr Holmes really gets behind the mind of the dog and "what makes it tick". That is why his advice is so sound.' - Farmer and Stockbreeder

'John Holmes has picked out the essentials and backed them up with clear reasons with an enviable skill... No better book could be recommended to a farmer, old or young, who wishes to train working dogs for use with stock.' - Journal of Farmers' Club

'Though The Farmer's Dog is essentially intended for the bookshelves of the farmer, or working-dog owner, there is much to interest all lovers of dogs in its pages ... extremely well illustrated.' - Dog World

'He has an understanding of dogs which has hardly been surpassed in the written word and if you are at heart a dog-lover you will enjoy and profit from every chapter.' - Farming News