Winsome Pinnock

Faith, Hope and Glory: Series 1 and 2

Faith, Hope and Glory: Series 1 and 2

An epic BBC Radio 4 drama


A major BBC Radio series charting the history of post-war Britain through the lives of Hope Kiffin, Eunice Lamming and Gloria de Soto, bound forever by one moment in 1946.

London, 1946. Struggling to cope with the idea of raising her daughter in a hostile environment, African-Caribbean nurse Hope makes the difficult decision to entrust her precious baby to her best friend, Eunice, to take back home to Antigua. But their plan goes disastrously wrong.

In the decades that follow, all of them will witness - and play a part in - the seismic changes rocking the British Isles, as the old establishment crumbles, immigration builds and the country adjusts to the realities of a post-war, post-colonial future.

This compelling series interweaves brilliant intimate domestic stories, told from multiple perspectives, that together illuminate the emergence of modern Britain. Written by leading Black playwrights Roy Williams, Rex Obano and Winsome Pinnock, it stars Danielle Vitalis as Hope, Shiloh Coke as Eunice/Faith and Pippa Bennett-Warner as Gloria, with a full cast including Martins Imhangbe, Stefan Adegbola, Emma Handy and Hasan Dixon.

Production credits
Written by Roy Williams, Rex Obano and Winsome Pinnock
Musical Director: Peter Ringrose
Produced and directed by Mary Peate and Jessica Dromgoole

Jim - Martins Imhangbe
Hope - Danielle Vitalis
Eunice/Faith - Shiloh Coke
Gloria - Pippa Bennett-Warner
Clement/Waiter - Stefan Adegbola
Waitress/Ida/Matron/Ag - Emma Handy
Trevor - Gary Beadle
Neville - Chris Jack
Olubuki - Rex Obano
Martina - Clare Perkins
Gerard/Dennis/Musician - Hasan Dixon
Stephens/Johnnie/Florist - Ian Dunnett Jnr
Post Mistress/Millie - Jane Whittenshaw
Sallow/Neighbour - Roger Ringrose
Lorraine - Lizzy Watts
Bert - Ben Crowe
Caleb - Dermot Daly
Parent - Cecilia Appiah

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