Huw Davies

Another Weird Year II

Another Weird Year II

Bizarre news stories from around the world


This brand new collection of strange news stories covers a year of hilarious-but-true gems from around the world. In this new volume of stories from the inexplicable to the downright ridiculous, the snippets are again grouped by theme (Sex, Animals, Sports, Politics etc.) and cover such tales as: a man who faked being deaf and dumb for seven years because his wife was a nag; zookeepers who were sacked for eating the animals; a clairvoyant telling the future by feeling his clients' bottoms; a Turkish woman who kept a herd of cows in her apartment; a footballer transferred for his weight in prawns; and a Canadian man arrested for not eating an iced bun. This is real life - but not as you'd expect. Prepare to be baffled.

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