Edward Hallowell

Happy Child, Happy Adult

Happy Child, Happy Adult

The childhood roots of adult happiness: a five-step plan


It's never been easy to raise children, and arguably it's even more difficult now. In this measured and humane book Dr Edward Hallowell offers a sensible strategy for raising happy children. In his plan he has two primary goals for children: 1) that they develop a sense of 'connection' with those around them and 2) the development of a sense of mastery over one or more areas of their lives. When parents guide their children towards these goals, the outcome will be good. Other key issues he raises are:

- Don't push your child too hard in school
- High academic achievement has no correlation with happy adult life
- Put your efforts into helping your child become good at something that will become a passionate involvement
- Don't try to rush your child's development
- Teach manners