Thomas Christopher Greene

After The Rain

After The Rain


They were brothers and they knew each other better than they had ever known anybody, and when you are like this you can sit in silence and not speak and it is the most comfortable thing in the world. But fate can fracture even the strongest of friendships.

In the lush green countryside of Vermont, Charlie has built a life for himself. He is happy enough running the small family restaurant and his only regret is the absence of his brother, Owen. Once close, Owen and Charlie have not seen each other for many years - the ties of brotherhood torn apart by their father's legacy - and a trail of postcards is all that is left.

Charlie's is a solitary existence until he hires Claire to assist him in the restaurant and suddenly life feels complete. In Claire, Charlie feels he has found his reason for living. But when Owen returns it seems that the past is destined to threaten both brothers' future...

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