Cassandra Jardine

How To Be A Better Parent

How To Be A Better Parent


Parenting classes are in the news, not only for parents with totally out of control children, but also for ordinary, anxious parents who find that applying simple parenting skills can result in happier children and calmer, more enjoyable home lives.

In the child-centred age of fast food, television and computer games, when family structures are less clearly defined than in the 50s and 60s, it can be more difficult for parents to take a positive, long-term view of what they are trying to achieve with their children. Not everyone wants to go to parenting classes, but everyone can benefit from what's taught there. So Cassandra Jardine has drawn on the experience and skills of Britain's two top teachers to provide the practical tools that all parents can use immediately.

This easy-to-use guide will explain why your child behaves as he/she does and will offer sensible strategies for ensuring a happy home-life, and well-balanced kids.