Anthony Destefano

A Travel Guide To Heaven

A Travel Guide To Heaven


An inspiring and comforting twenty-first-century 'virtual tour' of heaven

Heaven is a place we are all interested in going to, but few of us know much about. Now, in this illuminating guide, Anthony DeStefano has developed a wonderfully original travel-motif to introduce readers to the after-life. Here, acting as our 'tour guide', he takes us on a vivid and realistic 'sight-seeing' trip through paradise - and he makes heaven come alive in a way that no other book ever has.

Unlike many other spiritual works, A Travel Guide to Heaven does not preach, nor is it heavy-handed or judgmental. On the contrary, it is a fun, upbeat and remarkably reassuring portrait of heaven - a place that has intrigued and puzzled humanity throughout history.

As you embark upon this imaginative journey of discovery, you will gain courage and strength from its inspiring message of hope - and your fears for the future will fall away. For those suffering the loss of a loved one, there is comfort in the knowledge that heaven is a place of abiding joy and love.