Paula Wall

The Rock Orchard

The Rock Orchard


'Some women barter their bodies like whores with wedding bands. Some use sex like a sword. But some women can touch a man and heal like Jesus. The man who sees sunrise from a Belle woman's bed will swear he's been born again.'

So begins Paula Wall's funny, poignant, and sexy novel, THE ROCK ORCHARD. Musette Belle could lay her hand on a baby's heart and see his life as he'd already lived it. Even in death, she continues to shock the good citizens of Leaper's Fork, Tennessee and her descendents are doing their best to carry on her legacy. Angela Belle, a haunting and beautiful siren, lures every man she meets into greatness, while her illegitimate and very independent daughter, Dixie, serves tea and vanilla wafers to the statue of the Confederate soldier she believes is her father. But when Charlotte Belle, a woman who would rather spend a night with Jack Daniels than any man she knows, seduces a stranger in the cemetery, it not only transforms the two people involved, but the entire town.

A truly unique love story, THE ROCK ORCHARD is about the strength of community, the might of God, and the ultimate power of extraordinary women.

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