Terry Tarnoff

The Bone Man Of Benares

The Bone Man Of Benares


If you were free, completely free with no ties or commitments: you could go anywhere, do anything - what would you choose?

In 1971, Terry Tarnoff, fed up with a government he couldn't trust and wanting no part of a war he didn't believe in, packed a bag, picked up his guitar and sixteen harmonicas and headed out into the world. What followed was the ultimate drop-out adventure.

For eight years Terry travelled the world. He saw it all: the blues clubs of Amsterdam and the jungles of Africa, he smoked chillums with the lepers of India, trance-danced at a death ceremony in Tibet, developed a heroin habit in Bangkok, nearly died driving through the poppy fields of Thailand with a kamikaze cab driver and found the girl of his dreams in wintry Stockholm.

THE BONE MAN OF BENARES is about true love and spiritual-awakening. It's about turning on, tuning in and dropping out. In a world full of larger than life characters, and where the only limitation is your own imagination, Terry Tarnoff went in search of answers - and, amazingly, found some. Along the way he had the craziest road trip you'll ever encounter.