Juan Nakamori

Angel Messages from the Beyond

Angel Messages from the Beyond

The Complete Book of Answers


Use this book to awaken your inner angel, discovering more celestial answers to your every question and even how to access messages from the beyond. The author of this useful book, Juan Nakamori, comments: 'These messages were sent to me by angels. If you have a question that you cannot solve, then these messages will always give you the right - or necessary - answer.' Use these simple steps:

1. Hold the closed book, shut your eyes and become aware of your breathing.
2. Gradually calm your thoughts and, as you relax, focus on your question or problem.
3. Send your question out into the universe and wait.
4. Whichever number first comes to you, open that page and study the message on it. This is your answer.

Angel Messages From The Beyond will be essential reading for the third of the population who, according to a poll for ITV's This Morning, believe in angels as the bringers of divine messages or assistance.