Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer

Raising and Praising Girls

Raising and Praising Girls


One of the biggest lessons we have learnt in the last few decades is that it is valuable, important and effective to praise children. Children respond much better to encouragement than they do to punishment, which is why praising them is considered fundamental in helping them develop self-esteem and strong self-belief. However, the wrong kind of praise can do more harm than good, creating children who lose all sense of rational judgement and are too readily wrong-footed when they meet difficulty.

In this practical, common-sense guide, Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer reveals why understanding and acknowledging girls' unique sensibilities is the key to knowing how to award them with the right sort of praise. Using insightful, accessible tips, she shows parents how to:

- combat the perfectionism girls are often susceptible to and encourage them to be creative and take risks
- boost girls' self-confidence and belief in themselves
- be discriminating in their praise in order to maximise its effect
- teach girls not to fear failure but to accept it and learn from it

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