Will Self

The Examined Mind

The Examined Mind

A BBC radio collection exploring the history, philosophy and science of self-help


This collection brings together history, science, philosophy and comedy to explore our age-old search for meaning. We live in an age of self-improvement and self-examination - lifehacking, wellbeing, self-care, mindfulness retreats - but this seemingly very modern phenomenon is a pursuit that dates back for millennia.

Join comedian Robin Ince to explore how the ancient Greeks aimed to get happier, healthier and richer.
Will Self asks some of Britain's key scientists, philosophers and faith leaders to share their conclusions on the meaning of our existence.
Historian Kate Williams investigates the Grandfather of Self-Help, Samuel Smiles' 1859 book Self Help, and its lasting influence.
In 'Hell is Other People', performer Byron Vincent attempts to overcome his paralysing fear of social situations.
Emma Barnett traces the multi-billion dollar mindfulness industry to its Buddhist roots to discover whether it's just another health fad.
Comedian Felicity Ward tries to solve her mental health issues, one app at a time.
Sian Williams presents a practical guide to boosting brain power through exercise, relaxation, stimulation, sleep and diet.

From the ancient Greeks to the present day and even into the future, The Examined Mind provides an unique insight into our constant quest to be better people.

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