P.G. Wodehouse

Uncle Dynamite

Uncle Dynamite


'A colourful universe of aristocratic buffoonery and public school nonsense' Greg James, host of BBC Radio 1 Breakfast

Poor Pongo Twistleton only has to endure his energetic seventy-year-old Uncle Fred for lunch, once a year, but when he descends from Ickenham (he's the fifth Earl, don't you know) he has a plan that will make Pongo's hair stand on end and re-introduce him to his long-lost fiancée Sally Painter.

But Pongo is busy impressing his future father-in-law Sir Aylmer Bostock (Pongo's engaged to Hermione Bostock, don't you know) when Uncle Fred asks him to smash a priceless bust and replace it with one of Sally's in a scheme he is doomed to fail at. Enter Major Brabazon-Plan, an incognito Uncle Fred and enter Pongo's worst nightmare. Will Uncle Fred have his way? Will Pongo end up with the right wife and is a pot of raspberry jam ever truly safe from pink-suited invaders?

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