Jacqueline Wilson

Star of the Show

Star of the Show


A brilliant new historical adventure for readers aged 7-11 - Hetty Feather meets Lily Alone meets Diamond!

Tess loves to dance – even when her tummy is empty and her boots are pinching. She and her brothers and sisters are all alone in the world after their mum dies and their pa abandons them. They have to eat bread and dripping, and take in washing to earn a few pennies.

How will they afford food – and milk for baby Ada? Tess’s big brother and sister go out to look for work, but Tess has to stay in class at The Ragged School and look after Ada too. But Tess is determined that even though she is poor, she will still get to go to the ball . . . or at least to dance in the Cinderella pantomime at the Grand Theatre…

Fans of the fiery, spirited Hetty Feather and the curious, selfless Edie Trimmer will love this brand new historical novel from the much-loved Jaqueline Wilson.

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