Ruth Hamilton

The Bell House

The Bell House

a sweeping novel of power and compassion from bestselling author Ruth Hamilton


This heart-wrenching, moving and emotional saga full of twists and turns and highlighting the importance of love and understanding by the Sunday Times bestselling author Ruth Hamilton is a must - read for fans of Catherine Cookson, Dilly Court and Josephine Cox.

"I believe that Ruth Hamilton is very much the successor to Catherine Cookson. Her books are plot driven, they just rip along; laughs, weeps, love, they've got the lot, and they're quality writing as well" -- SARAH BROADHURST, RADIO FOUR

"This book kept me enthralled to the very last page" -- ***** Reader review
"A riveting read. Couldn't put it down." -- ***** Reader review
"As always an impeccable story by Ruth, sadness, happiness and in between hilarious wit. A must read book which you will be loathe to put down." -- ***** Reader review
"A truly superb book" -- ***** Reader review


Despite her strict 1950s Catholic upbringing, Madeleine Horrocks, doesn't understand why religion seems to force people apart. But her friend Amy has been brought up to believe that mixing with other religions results in eternal damnation, and when Maddy becomes friendly with George, a local, good-looking Jewish boy, Amy fears the worst. But as they grow up she, too, becomes friends with George, as well as with other young teenagers who meet secretly at the Bell House, an ancient place of burial.

When a body is found in the nearby reservoir they all become threatened by tragedy and danger.

Meanwhile, Father Sheahan, the whisky-soaked priest from the local church, has discovered that his secret past is catching up with him.

Bigotry, lust and hatred have been so much a part of this community that it takes the combined forces of young and old - and particularly George's formidable grandmother Yuspeh - to bring everyone together and move forward positively.

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