Jon Steele

The Way of Sorrows

The Way of Sorrows


The thrilling final instalment in Jon Steele's epic Angelus trilogy.

Former escort Katherine Taylor has survived an attack on her home, but she wakes with no recollection of the events and no memory of her son Max, who is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Detective Jay Harper is once again at Lausanne Cathedral, where he is following a new directive from his immortal, heavenly central command: find both Katherine Taylor and Max to prevent the eradication of all trace of goodness from the world at midnight.

Combining elements of science, religion and fantasy, in an epic showdown between the protectors of paradise - the eternal angels - and the 'goons' of timeless evil, The Way of Sorrows is the electrifying conclusion of Steele's unforgettable, action-packed Angelus trilogy.


Praise for Jon Steele and the Angelus trilogy:

'Pretty damn good' SFX

'[The Angleus trilogy]… reads like Paradise Lost redrafted by Raymond Chandler in a fevered dream, in which the demonic hordes are desperate to secure nuclear weaponry and the angels have the kind of firepower that Milton couldn’t have conjured up in his worst nightmares. It’s the old tale of good versus evil rewritten as a compelling modern fable.' Irish Times

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