Susan Drury

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

A Medicine Kit In A Bottle


Tea Tree Oil is one of the most marvellous healing resources that Nature has to offer. This book presents, in a very readable and accessible way, not only the history and harvesting of Tea Tree Oil but also an overview of its practical medical uses.

Tea Tree Oil can be used to treat:
- acne and pimples
- arthritis
- boils and abscesses
- bruises
- burns and sunburn
- cuts and abrasions
- cystitis
- dental plaque
- dermatitis
- fungal infections
- head lice
- herpes
- insect bites
- muscular aches and pains
- respiratory tract infections
- vaginal infections
- varicose veins
- warts

Discover how to effectively use Tea Tree Oil to safely treat a variety of ailments with this practical straightforward advice.