Rita Beintema

Salutation To The Sun

Salutation To The Sun

A Daily Exercise for a Vital Life


The Salutation to the Sun dates back to Vedic times and is therefore three to six thousand years old; although the exact date remains unknown. In ancient India yoga exercises, breathing techniques and body contol were extensively practised in many ashrans. The Salutation to the Sun arose from these yoga postures and techniques.

In this book, learn how the Salutation consists of a number of movements which flow into each other and together, form a self-contained whole.
- The exercise influences every part of the body including the nervous system, the circulation and respiration.
- The back and pelvis can become supple again and, in time, the joints become stronger and more flexible.
- The blood circulation in the abdominal cavity improves and the intestines are activated, thus eliminating constipation.
- Muscular stiffness in the shoulder and neck disappears.

Join thousands of people who enjoy this natural, exhilarating exercise on a variety of levels of competence, fitness and persistence. Equipment and accessories are not needed and you are only asked that you spend as much or as little time as you can spare.

By participating you will soon begin to experience the return of your vigour and dynamism.