David V Tansley

Radionics Interface With The Ether-Fields

Radionics Interface With The Ether-Fields


This book explores the interface that exists between the human energy field and the Universal Field of energy in which we live. It shows how these fields can be utilised for distant diagnosis and treatment.

It also illustrates that the surest and most effective way to ameliorate a defect in any biological system, is to modulate the interacting and interdependent energy fields by way of the chakras.

The same energy fields can be used to take photographs of distant objects, particularly the energy structures of living human tissues and pathological states existing in them. The vibratory patterns and potencies of homoeopathic remedies can also be drawn from the ether-fields and impregnated into neutral substances such as water or alcohol solutions which have a capacity for memory.

Radionics is a healing art that links the physical world with the unseen worlds lying beyond the physical senses. Diagnostically it probes to the levels of causation of disease; therapeutically it is gentle and non-invasive.

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