Ian Pearce

The Holistic Approach To Cancer

The Holistic Approach To Cancer


When people are told they have cancer, they are apt to feel shocked, angry and frightened. They usually still have the idea that they have 'caught' a fatal disease, and, unless it has been found early on, that they will inevitably slip towards death within a measurable period of a few years or even a few months. Furthermore, most patients still think that only the doctors can help them, and tend to assume that even this help is regrettably limited. For most patients have not yet heard of a very different idea about the nature of cancer and its cure, which is now gaining ground.

You have been told that you have cancer. There is a great deal you can do to help yourself. You have a good chance of reversing your cancer. Take courage!

No one can promise a cure. What can be said is that a growing number of people have pulled themselves round by the methods described in this book, taking responsibility for their health upon themselves. This is not an alternative to orthodox therapy; it is complementary to it, and greatly enhances its effects. It is extending orthodox therapy into areas which it does not usually reach at present.

You can improve the quality of your life, and give the restorative healing forces a better chance to accomplish their task.

So get started on it right away.

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