Audrey Eyton

The F2 Diet

The F2 Diet


Audrey Eyton took the world by storm with her international superseller The F-Plan Diet. Now, harnessing unrivalled experience and twenty-first century cutting-edge science, she returns with an equally revolutionary new diet, which can:

·Remove surplus fat faster than any other diets of the same calorie totals

·Multiply your good bacteria AND maximise their rejuvenating impact

·Speed away 'toxics', lower cholesterol, retune your whole system to high energy health

·Bin blood-sugar and hunger problems with new' no fuss' tactics

The sensational F2 Diet does the lot for weight, looks and health, backed by science and based on surprisingly simple easy-to-make meals and recipes. You can plan your own or follow ready-planned F2 menus as you fast track into a slim, fit future.