Bonnie Bryant-Hiller

Saddle Club Book 18: Pack Trip

Saddle Club Book 18: Pack Trip


Carole, Stevie and Lisa are thrilled when they get a call from their friend Kate from The Bar None Ranch. Kate has an offer for them: would the girls like to go on a pack trip in the mountains? The answer is an enthusiastic yes! When they meet the other riders, they couldn’t be happier. Lisa feels instantly drawn to Seth, while his fun-loving sister Amy seems to be a perfect pal for Stevie. Another boy, John, is as serious and horse wise as Carole. The group hits it off immediately.

But first impressions can be deceiving. Amy isn’t just high spirited and impulsive; she’s downright reckless. As her behaviour gets more outrageous and dangerous Seth tries to cover for her, which puts Lisa in the middle. Can the girls work out what to do about Amy before her next wild stunt threatens all their lives?

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