Olivia St Claire

227 Ways to Unleash the Sex Goddess in Every Woman

227 Ways to Unleash the Sex Goddess in Every Woman


Your Inner Sex Goddess actually lives in the vivid sensitivities of your body. She is there when you appreciate the look of candlelight on the curve of your breast, the smell of a gardenia in your hair, the taste of wine on your lips and tongue, the feel of sun or silk on your skin, the sound of sultry jazz or vibrant samba music, the luxury of a hot bubble bath or a full-body massage, the delicious flushes and tingles of self-pleasuring or lovemaking. These physical sensations are doorways to your rich inner world of lush romance and hot libido' Olivia St. Claire
Guiding readers through a host of inventive, playful and sensual techniques that will help women discover the sex goddess within, Olivia St. Claire reveals the secrets of female sexuality, and shows how to awaken, revive and cultivate the erotic impulses and emotional sensations that are a part of every woman. She has devised a magnificent array of artful suggestions that are numbered for easy reference and designed to nourish and exercise a woman's hot-blooded imagination, passionate instincts, and capacity for wild abandon and outrageous invention.
227 Ways to Unleash the Sex Goddess in Every Woman is a comprehensive, frank and delightful book. Free your body, fire your imagination, and let Olivia St. Claire change the way you view your sensual self.

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