Richard Kidd

The Giant Goldfish Robbery

The Giant Goldfish Robbery


Jimmy's dad has to get rid of his fishing boat and the whole family - Mam, Dad, Jimmy and his tealeaf-reading Gran - are forced to move away from their coastal village home. At first, Jimmy thinks none of them will never get used to living inland and it will be a disaster, but Gran's tea leaves tell a stranger story than that...

Jimmy's continued fascination with all things aquatic leads him to meet the local retired Major, whose hobby is keeping a pond full of valuable koi carp. When Jimmy inadvertently overhears of a plot to steal the fish, he doesn't mean to tackle the burglars single-handedly. But neither does he really intend to do it with the help of the awful school bully... or of several hundred alarm clocks...!

A truly entertaining, pacy adventure story, which boys will especially love.

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