John McCabe




Everything is related...

Scientist and part-time dreamer, Dr Darren White is losing the plot. Work has descended into a distinctly unscientific mess and his research is non-existent. Taking time out from discovering the last great theory of the twentieth century, Darren begins an illicit investigation into Class A pharmaceuticals and fears he may be on the verge of murdering an irritating colleague. What's more worrying though is the sudden appearance of a Bomb in his Head, which needs defusing, and soon.

Darren has tried everything to arrest his helpless slide: the catchily named Operation MWIMI (Make Work More Interesting) foundered on the rocks of his facial hair, and The Day of Rules turned into the most unruly of days. Nothing has really helped. And now he needs to get his life in order because he has met Neuro Girl, who doesn't look like the sort of woman who would stand for any bombs going off in her vicinity.

The more Darren searches for order, the more elusive it becomes, until the surprise contents of a stolen computer suggest that things are rarely what they seem. And when your only hope is that life isn't logical, then you know you're in trouble...don't you?