Mark Z Danielewski

House Of Leaves

House Of Leaves

the prizewinning and terrifying cult classic that will turn everything you thought you knew about life (and books!) upside down


Discover the nightmarish tale of a house that is bigger on the inside than the outside that still inspires devotion among an army of fans... Experimental in terms of design, typography, structure and content, this is a fully immersive and novel reading experience you won't be able to forget. Perfect for fans of Twin Peaks, Black Mirror, Stranger Things and IT.

'House of Leaves has continued to reward readers prepared to navigate its labyrinth, with a community of fans ready to support them if they ever get lost in the dark' - Guardian

'At once a genuinely scary chiller, a satire on the business of criticism and a meditation on the way we read' - Observer

'Thrillingly alive, sublimely creepy, distressingly scary, breathtakingly intelligent' - BRET EASTON ELLIS


'I've never read anything like it' - 5 STARS
'Strange, highly addictive and slowly creepy' - 5 STARS
'A book like no other' - 5 STARS
'The creativity and originality is astonishing' - 5 STARS
'Unreservedly recommended' - 5 STARS
'Buy it, read it, and explore it' - 5 STARS

A young couple - Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Will Navidson and his partner Karen Green - move into a small home on Ash Tree Lane.

But something is terribly wrong - their house is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

Neither Will nor Karen are prepared to face the consequences of this impossibility.

What happens next is loosely recorded on videotapes and interviews, leading to a compilation of the definitive work on the events on Ash Tree Lane, unveiling a thrilling and terrifying history.

Loose sheets, stained napkins and crammed notebooks prove to be far more than the ramblings of a crazy old man . . .


Winner of the New York Public Library's Young Lions Fiction Award