Nick Williams

Powerful Beyond Measure

Powerful Beyond Measure


For many of us, the word 'power' conjures up disturbing feelings of control and dominance, of winning at all costs - and often at the expense of others. Indeed, from our earliest days this is how we have been taught to view the world in order to survive; it is at the heart of the story of man's evolution, and at the heart of much conflict and pain.

But now, in Powerful Beyond Measure, Nick Williams reveals the basis of a different kind of power - a power that does not rely on winners or losers, but on a love that feeds our soul and a faith that frees us from the need to control.

Here, as he draws upon fascinating case studies and timeless wisdom, Nick reveals how we can:

·Access the innate spiritual power that lies within each of us to find strength and inspiration every day of our lives

·Experience true connection with the world around us as we learn to trust ourselves and others

·Abandon our fears and doubts in order to discover the essence of who we truly are and all that we have to offer

Complete with sound, practical advice and based on his experience as one of our most sought-after personal coaches, Nick Williams illuminates the path to a more rewarding life of hope, forgiveness and freedom - a life that is powerful beyond measure.

'Read and learn how to save your life, live in your heart and let the magic happen...'
Bernie Siegel, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

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