Susan Clark

What Really Works For Kids

What Really Works For Kids


What is the single greatest gift you can give your child? Vibrant good health, of course. But in a world where children as young as ten are being diagnosed with early signs of heart disease, where up to a third of young children at an infant school may be taking Ritalin, a drug that has been banned in Sweden, and where computers, not dogs, are a child's best friend, how do you get it right?

In What Really Works for Kids, award-winning Sunday Times journalist and one of Britain's leading health writers Susan Clark draws upon her considerable wealth of experience and the very latest cutting-edge scientific research to offer every parent the opportunity to make sound, confident decisions that will benefit their children's health now and in the future.
As she highlights the health hazards that plague so many youngsters today, Susan reveals the benefits of vitamins, herbs and homeopathic treatments - and focuses on a range of simple but effective hands-on therapies, such as yoga and infant massage, that really work. Here too, as she unravels the complex and often contradictory information that appears in the media, she details the fascinating key stages of development, from newborn to young adulthood, and provides parents with an easy-to-follow A-Z guide on how to treat over fifty everyday complaints.

Packed with practical advice and essential information, What Really Works for Kids is the ultimate health guide for parents everywhere - and one of the most valuable books they will ever own.

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