Joan Freeman

How To Raise A Bright Child

How To Raise A Bright Child

How to Encourage Your Child's Talents 0-5 Years


This book offers a positive and practical psychological approach to children's intellectual development. At least one in ten children is born clever enough to make him or her outstanding in some way, and this book will maximise YOUR child's chances of growing up with a bright and lively mind.

How to Raise a Bright Child
is packed with ideas on how to make your home a learning centre that is stimulating and enjoyable for your child. It tells you how to get the best for your child in whatever circumstances you live, and how to keep getting the best from what school has to give. It is concerned with helping a child to develop into a fully rounded and competent member of society.

Dr Joan Freeman offers advice on stimulating and entertaining a new born baby, how young minds develop and learn, ways to make learning fun for pre-school age children and how to encourage motivation at school, as well as providing specific help on subjects such as dyslexia, learning to read and children who are brighter than their age group.