James Nelson

The Pirate Round

The Pirate Round

A gripping, action-packed naval page-turner you won’t be able to put down


Another gripping, captivating and unputdownable naval adventure from the pen of bestselling author James Nelson. Perfect for readers of Julian Stockwin, CS Forester and Alexander Kent.

"A master both of his period and of the English language" PATRICK O'BRIAN

"A master storyteller" -- SAILING

"Brilliant...Readers will gladly be swept along by a wonderful plot" -- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"A great swashbuckling adventure!" -- ***** READER REVIEW

Compelling and easy to read" -- ***** READER REVIEW

"James Nelson is a master storyteller who breathes life into his characters and immerses you in his stories.....great seafaring adventures..." -- ***** READER REVIEW


Former pirate and captain of the Guardship,Thomas Marlowe, is now a man of property, keeping his prosperous tobacco plantation in Virginia with his beautiful wife Elizabeth. But the Anglo-Spanish war has meant a decline in tobacco prices, and Thomas decides to come to England to trade his wares, little thinking that in the busy streets of London he will meet an old enemy from his pirating days.

Forced to abandon his tobacco and flee, he has to take to sea and finds himself in battle with the ships bound for the Moghul Empire, and in Madagascar he at last comes face to face with his pirate foes.

The Pirate Round is the final book in the Brethren of the Coast trilogy. Have you read The Guardship and The Blackbirder?

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