Andrew N Williams

The Truth About You

The Truth About You

Discover Hidden Truths About Yourself and Enhance Your Life


Are you a good driver? - You've probably got a high IQ
Do you have a messy desk? - You're possibly very creative
Do you listen to jazz music? - Chances are you're a great lover

If you've ever wondered what makes you tick, why you behave the way you do and how you could change your life to become happier, more creative or even more intelligent, this is the book for you. Using twelve fun and simple tests, you can analyse your personality and learn about different areas of your mind to find out how your character and behaviour influence your love life, your happiness, your intelligence and more. Based on scientifically proven research, the tests will uncover the areas of your life that could be improved: the author then offers you highly entertaining and practical advice on how to change and enhance these areas. What's more, not only can you learn about yourself, you can see how you fare in comparison to others.

Packed full of quirky and original ways to make improvements such as staring at postage stamps to increase your creativity and chewing gum to become more intelligent, this practical guide has all you need to help you makeover your life in a fun and inspiring way.