Jacqueline Shannon

The Wedding Dress Diet

The Wedding Dress Diet


Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day.

It's the one day you're guaranteed to be the centre of attention. And the last thing you wants is to walk down the aisle feeling everyone's eyes fixed on your straining seams. Whether you've got one year until the big day or just one month, THE WEDDING DRESS DIET, with its safe and sane diet and exercise plan, is packed with advice and suggestions to help every bride look and feel fantastic.

- Lose weight without sacrificing the energy you'll need in the run-up to the big day
- Tone up and get your hair and skin looking great
- Adapt your diet and excercise plan to the amount of time left until your wedding
- Select the perfect wedding dress for your body shape
- Indulge on your honeymoon - and still avoid the bloated-in-a-bikini- on-the-beach look

No bride should even think about getting married wthout it!