Catherine Whitney

The GenoType Diet

The GenoType Diet

Change Your Genetic Destiny to Live the Longest, Fullest and Healthiest Life Possible


With his acclaimed Eat Right 4 Your Type® diet series, Dr Peter D'Adamo started a health craze which proved that when it comes to dieting, one plan does not fit all. He now takes his groundbreaking research to the next level with his unique The GenoType™ Diet, a customized health programme that has been designed to work with your genetic makeup to maximize weight loss and prevent or even reverse disease.

Without the need for expensive tests, or even a visit to the doctor, Dr D'Adamo reveals your previously hidden genetic strengths and weaknesses and, using a range of simple diagnostic tools to show you how to discover which of the six GenoType™ health plans is right for you, provides a precise, customized diet and lifestyle programme for every individual.

Devised by one of today's foremost healthcare pioneers, The GenoType™ Diet is accessible, fun to use and based on the very latest, cutting-edge genetic research. Quite simply, it's a twenty-first-century plan for wellness and weight loss that will help you to live the longest, fullest and healthiest life possible.

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